Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Bunches of Happiness

A few things making me happy this week:

1. My new Target placemats-one of those things I was SO excited about when I purchased in store, but then brought them home and wasn't so sure. I had them on the table all week with their price tags still on just in case...but last night Chels and Marina came over and confirmed I must keep them. And what do you know, now I love them again (I guess sometimes you need your sister's confirmation!). I'm loving the Target line they come from, it's called "Threshold"- I also purchased my dish towels seen in an earlier post from the same line. They have the cutest things that are totally my style. Take a look:
2. I'm always excited to get things in the mail (except if they're bills, or parking tickets) but this week I was extra excited to check the mail every night I got home from work. That's because our good family friend had a "Stella & Dot" party this past Sunday. I know it's been around for a while but I just recently have fallen in love...which is horrible because I can barely afford anything from their line. But...I was able to find two spectacular pieces to fall in love with that are in my price range (or maybe I just convinced myself that because I couldn't resist). Last night when I got home from work there was a little package waiting on my doorstep. It felt like Christmas again...

3. February! Maybe it's because I'm still obsessed with my amazing calendar I got from Cape Cod this year, or maybe it's the Tulips that are now in the grocery entrance everywhere I go (my favorite flower), but I am loving this month

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