Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cliche? Maybe just a bit!

I wouldn't consider myself much of a "reader", in fact I don't think I read one full book last year. I've always wanted to love reading, it's one of those things I really try and like but I just can't get into. My mom is an avid reader and always tells me I just need to find the style I like and I'll realize how amazing reading is. In the past I've read a few books I love, but they're all by the same author...none other than Nicholas Sparks! Yes, I know a lot of girls say the same, but I really do enjoy his books so much. They are all (well most of them) so amazing and really easy for me to finish (which is my issue i think I get bored...surprise).

Maybe it's because my man is from the Carolina's (and I fell in love with the beaches there the first time I visited), but for some reason I just get emotionally invested in his books and they're such feel good, happy stories. Anyways...I recently purchased Safe Haven, yes I know I'm a little behind the game on this one:

No surprise here, but I absolutely loved this book. It reminded me how much I really do like his writing style and can get lost in his books-which is what I'm looking for in a book. I have a tough time sitting "relaxing" and doing nothing, so reading is tough for me. But with this book I couldn't put it, or my iPad rather, down. It was super good [and funny the main boy character's name is "Alex" ;) ]

As we all know most of his books turn into movies, and this one is no different. And actually, last 4th of July when we were in North Carolina Julianne and Josh were in the same town as us filming this! But sadly we didn't know until afterwards...well Alex was probably happy because you know I would have made him drive around and find them! I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to make him see the movie with me, muhaha!

This book is definitely worth a read and I didn't want it to end! Now I'm in search of a "Nicholas Sparks-like" author, so if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way!