Monday, February 18, 2013


One of my all time favorite sales is the Bath & Body Works two 3-wick candles for $20. Even though we don't always have "seasons" measured by weather here in Southern California, B&BW always has amazing scents to match what it's supposed to feel like outside! This warm weather has definitely got me in the mood for Spring and I was so happy to see they had their sale last week, except it wasn't for $20, but $22! It's funny, but I was really upset by this, even though it's only 2 dollars. And actually it's still a really good deal.

After about twenty minutes of smelling I settled on one fresh and one sweet scent; White Barn Renew & Refresh and Peach Bellini. I've decided to start with burning the fresh smelling one first, since there are still a couple more weeks until Spring. I definitely recommend going to have yourself a smell, there are some other really yummy scents that I'll be picking up next time the sale comes around.


  1. I LOVE when B&BW has this sale! I need to go a sniffing so I can pick out my spring time scents!

  2. Because of this post, I went and got some candles! (They were still on sale here.) I love the Peach Bellini. I got the Lemon Mint Leaf (for fresh) and Caribbean Escape (for fruity/ sweet). MMMm. :)

  3. Emily...just saw this! aren't they the best? glad they were still on sale for you :) p.s. I heard you're coming to girls weekend this year, i'm very happy bout that! I wish Hannah could make it to, though. Hope you're doin well. Xoxo!