Monday, October 21, 2013

The Colors

It's Monday and back to the grind, ugh, but I am happy to report this weekend was a successful one! I'd been going back and forth on what colors to choose for our wedding, but I kept gravitating towards the more neutral tones. I realized that in order to move forward with any more planning we had to choose at least the color scheme we [or I :)] wanted. So, yesterday I set out determined to come home with our wedding colors. After a couple stops, I finally succeeded. I'd wanted a light peach color, but still loved the stark white, grey and gold. First I wasn't sure we could have them all, but then I put some different sheets together and realized it could work (and got confirmation from my sis and my SIL). So, I guess you could say we have a "color palette" rather than "colors."
I wanted to choose colors that I won't get sick of looking at over and over, and that are subtle enough to not "go out of style" and classic enough to be timeless. I know not everyone may agree, but for me they do just that! They'll go great with the beautiful lush green/natural setting our venue provides. I'm so excited to get on with planning...and so is the fiance! When I showed him our colors for "approval", he said "great, so I can wear a peach or a white suit?"...he's so funny, isn't he?

As you can see I love the softness of the lacy style and textures. I'm sure we'll be incorporating a lot of that, too! Not exactly sure what we'll do with the flower stamps, but I love the simple elegance they add. Now here's to hoping I don't change my mind on these between now and the big day!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013

I had not planned on taking a "break" from blogging, but what can I say life got ahead of me for the past couple o' weeks! Most recently, a trip back East was occupying my time. For as long as I can remember my mom, her sisters, and her mom would go away for the weekend in the Fall for a "girls weekend". When we were younger I think it was so they could get a break from us, but now since my cousins and I are older, us "girls" are now invited! This was my second year going, and we stayed at the same house in Cape Cod both times.

The weekend was spent visiting, eating, walking around cute little Cape towns, and even a surprise Engagement Party for me and my cousin, Emily, who is also getting married next year! It was so sweet, my aunt cooked a feast and had the cutest d├ęcor and fun games for us to play. We had absolutely great weather, the perfect fall temps!
Our Home for the Weekend!
The Whole Gang! 4 generations =)
Easton was the only boy allowed =)

Love our mama!
The cutest pumpkin around!
Picking up our "baby" cousin (who is also the tallest...)

Love my sista!

Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday!

1/ Baby Chica. My high school friends and I call ourselves "the chicas"...yes it is kinda weird and I have no idea how it came about or stuck, but it did. Tomorrow we're celebrating the first "baby" chica-one my best friends Shannon is having a baby girl in November. Baby Chica's (Sage to most of the world) baby shower is Tomorrow! I am so excited and ready to meet this little bundle of joy as I know she will be adorable. Shannon is one of the strongest and sweetest girls you'll ever meet! We have been friends for years and I'm so lucky to have her in my is a throwback pic of us-I love you Shanny!

2/ Cape Cod Girl's Weekend. A week from today I'll be walking off my red-eye flight in Boston to go meet my sister, mama, nephew (he's the only boy allowed), and the rest of my aunts/cousins and grandma for a fun weekend in Cape Cod. It's an annual tradition and I look forward to it every year!
3/Designer Purse. I wouldn't call myself a "designer snob" persay, but when it comes to purses I really like a cute/well-made purse. I've actually only ever had one, a Marc Jacobs black purse I got for my college graduation 3 years ago and JUST retired 1 month ago. I would hands down say that bag was worth the crazy amount spent on it. But, I couldn't fathom spending that much right now with all my other expenses, so I set out to find a more affordable one...and I'm so happy with my Pretty Ships's the new Marc Jacobs...okay maybe I just tell myself that, but it's cute and 1/3 the price!

 4/"Smokin Hot". I think I found my favorite nail color for this Fall season! Not too dark, not too light, just right everyday color!
5/Fall Drank. I'm so excited that Caitlin over at Home Sweet Ruby, posted this yummy looking Fall Sangria. I can't wait to try it. I love drinks/food to get in seasonal moods and this recipe looks awesome. I think I will bring it to our Girls Weekend next weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Ongoing Question...

I feel like ever since I started wearing face makeup I have been searching for the "perfect" one. One that isn't too pasty, isn't too dark, isn't too light, isn't too oily, isn't too dry...and I could go on and on. I have tried everything from MAC to all brands you can find at Target and still have yet to find one I love enough to buy a second time after the whole bottle/compact is out.

Since we're planning on taking our engagement photos while we're back in Wilmington for Thanksgiving, I am on a mad search for the perfect face makeup to wear for our photos. I know this makeup is probably not going to be an "every day" wear, but I really want it to look good in photos, but not too "i'm performing in a ballet." Also, wondering if I should use a primer or not? I normally don't...

In doing some research these are a couple brands I found people say are good for photos:
Estee Lauder Double Wear/MAC Studio Fix/Smashbox Foundation Primer/Revlon Photo Ready Makeup/Make Up Forever
I have found that I like liquid over powder, because I have pretty dry skin. But I also have found that liquid can create more shine, and I obviously don't want that. Does anyone have any good reccos for photography face-makeup? Or any other good tips/advice for engagement pics?