Monday, October 21, 2013

The Colors

It's Monday and back to the grind, ugh, but I am happy to report this weekend was a successful one! I'd been going back and forth on what colors to choose for our wedding, but I kept gravitating towards the more neutral tones. I realized that in order to move forward with any more planning we had to choose at least the color scheme we [or I :)] wanted. So, yesterday I set out determined to come home with our wedding colors. After a couple stops, I finally succeeded. I'd wanted a light peach color, but still loved the stark white, grey and gold. First I wasn't sure we could have them all, but then I put some different sheets together and realized it could work (and got confirmation from my sis and my SIL). So, I guess you could say we have a "color palette" rather than "colors."
I wanted to choose colors that I won't get sick of looking at over and over, and that are subtle enough to not "go out of style" and classic enough to be timeless. I know not everyone may agree, but for me they do just that! They'll go great with the beautiful lush green/natural setting our venue provides. I'm so excited to get on with planning...and so is the fiance! When I showed him our colors for "approval", he said "great, so I can wear a peach or a white suit?"...he's so funny, isn't he?

As you can see I love the softness of the lacy style and textures. I'm sure we'll be incorporating a lot of that, too! Not exactly sure what we'll do with the flower stamps, but I love the simple elegance they add. Now here's to hoping I don't change my mind on these between now and the big day!


  1. love all of it! We went SO simple with colors and I am so glad that we did! You won't regret it!

  2. that color scheme is DELECTABLE! it's perfect! adore the neutrals plus a little glam too. so lovely!!!!!


  3. Gorgeous colors! We did soft neutrals as well and I am so happy I went with that decision!

  4. I loveee the softness of all the colours! Great choice!

  5. i LOVE your choices!!! so pretty and timeless!!

  6. Love your color palette!!! You're definitely achieving that timeless look with these :)