Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome Summer 2014.

This weekend was the perfect kick off to Summer. We celebrated my sister's bday complete with homemade (dirty) shirley temples, water & big bubble fun, an outside crab summer dinner and bday cake. To top it off, we spent yesterday at the beach kickin' back. 

So good to see you Summer...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

[1] 100.
Yesterday marked 100 days until our wedding. We're now officially in the single digits ya'll!

[2] King Crab.
To celebrate my sissy's bday tomorrow night, we're having possibly my favorite dinner ever...King Crab Legs! I love them any time of year, but something about having them on a summer night with a glass of white vino makes me so happy, yummy yummy! We normally just use old bay's and boil them, but this recipe looks pretty darn good, too!
[3] Craft for days.
I have so many things I want to make and since our wedding is (only) 100 days away, this weekend I am forcing myself to really bring my vision to life with the decor and DIY pieces I have imagined for our venue...I've made a few trips to the craft store but haven't finished nearly as much as I shoud...we'll see how this goes!

[4] "online window" shopping.
I have been eyeing these shorts for a couple weeks now, and I can't get myself to buy them, but I love them! It makes me happy just picturing them... and I keep thinking if I wait one more week they'll be on sale even more. #bargainhunterproblems
[5] SUMMER is tomorrow.
'nuff said

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another trip to Wilmington!

This past weekend A and I headed back to Wilmington for one last trip before September. We did some wedding things (taste testing, hair/makeup trial, and dessert picking!), but we also had a blast with his family. We got some beach time in, a couple trips downtown, and his family threw us a beautiful wedding shower--complete with adorable decor. We're so blessed to have two amazing families :)
Can't wait to head back in just a few short months, time is flying by!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower

I requested that everything on my shower day be a surprise, and on Saturday morning I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas morning! I was so excited to put on my new dress and head to my shower because I knew that my amazing hostesses would throw a memorable day and, as always, they didn't let me down. I could never recap all the wonderfulness in a blog post, but here's just a snapshot of the day.
Me and my beautiful hostesses & some of the decor!

Hanging out after & my happiness over the deep fryer Alex will make yummy southern food in!
the food spread!

The Bubbly Bar!
The Sweet Treats
Just a few of the amazing gifts I was blessed with!

I can't thank all these women enough for coming to help me celebrate becoming a MRS. and those who live hundreds (and thousands) of miles of way who were there in spirit, too :) 
I am so blessed to have all of you to share this time with!

NC Belle In Boots

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bridal Shower: Sneak Peek!

This weekend my Sister, SIL and Mama threw me the most beautiful bridal shower. They really outdid themselves with the decor, the eats and the drinks! So many wonderful women, from all walks of my life, came to help me celebrate this special time. Thank you to all who were a part, you truly know how to make a bride feel loved! 

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day, and I'm loving going through all the photos. 
More to come later this week...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday


ONE. This could really be happy things 1-5....I'm exploding with excitement today even though this work week has been "one of those" because...tomorrow is my bridal shower! I know a lot of planning has gone into it, and I feel so blessed and can't wait to attend =) I am also super excited to wear this LWD that I've been oozing over in my closet ever since I purchased it!
TWO. Next week the fiance and I are headed to Wilmington for one last pre-wedding trip to do some hair/makeup trials (well that's just me), taste testing, and venue visit. I'm looking forward to getting some more things finalized!
THREE. New home! After living with my parents for 9 months to save for the married life, we've decided to get an apartment again. Words can't describe how excited I am to make this new little place our home. I've already been drooling over potential home decor like these little planters that would go great on our wrap-around balcony!
FOUR. This week I marked another huge check off the ol' to-do list! I finished designing and uploading our invitations to Wedding Paper Divas. I can't wait to see the finished product in a few's to hoping my vision becomes real!
FIVE. Hot & Spicy. The sentimental crazy person in me decided that I needed the same color nails for my bridal shower as when I was engaged. One of my fave OPI colors, and it makes me giddy!