Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dr. Jart BB Makeup

A while back I started to hear about this "BB Cream" craze, and saw all these commercials for different brands. I wanted to try it, okay...I felt like I NEEDED it [oh the power of advertising] but was honestly a little confused what the heck it was, and why I wanted to try it. For my sister's bday last month she asked for "Dr. Jart BB" and that was the first I heard of this amazing little invention! I used my sister's a few times when getting ready at her place, and decided I needed it. I got it for my birthday and could not be happier.

I especially love it because in the past few months I have been a freak about wearing sunscreen even when I'm not "laying out", because I am fearful of wrinkles, and skin cancer. Even though I never thought I would say this, I should have listened to my mama when she said "you shouldn't go to the tanning bed" "you don't need to go tanning", but of course I NEEDED to go, and I did. Since I can't reverse any of that ...that is part of the reason I LOVE this product, it is SPF 45, and it is just enough coverage for me-not too matte and not too liquidy. I know you can use it as a primer, but I actually think it covers enough just to put some bronzer and blush over it and be ready for the day.

 Although I can't comment on any other brand, I really like this one and would strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to try BB cream! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

CrabRoll & Country Weekend

This weekend was such a blast, as evidenced by how exhausted Alex and I were last night. We kicked it off with a super fun "early" birthday dinner with friends and family, hosted at my sisters. We had delicious homemade crab rolls [my favorite]. She got the recipe from Real Simple and they were to die for, unfortunately we didn't get a photo of the finished product because we were so eager to eat...and it doesn't look all too appetizing in the photo below but I had to share! She also made a scrumptious cake that looked professional...see below, is she kidding!? My awesome SIL made an amazing batch of White Sangria that was the perfect cocktail addition to this great meal.
I also wish we took more photos this night, but I guess when you're having too much fun you don't think about taking pics all the time!
Saturday was a day I've been looking forward to for weeks now, the Kenny Chesney/Eric Church concert. It was probably one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to, partly because of the actual concert, but a lot to do with the company! We had such a blast BBQing and playing corn hole before the show, and of course so much fun listening to good ol' country on a summer night.

Sunday we relaxed a bit, then I headed up to Long Beach to meet Tay & Sumi for dinner, we went to Nicks on 2nd and it was great as always. The prime rib sandwich never lets us down!

Despite all this fun and great company, I can't believe my birthday is tomorrow, and I've been feeling the love for days! Thank you to all my family & friends for making me feel so special during what's turned into "my birthday week" ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Fri!

{1} Quarter Century 
Tuesday is my 25th birthday, but the celebrating is going to begin tonight. My amazing sister (over at ThingstoBeStroudof) is throwing me a birthday dinner with my fam and some close friends! I'm so blessed to have such a loving family and dear friends nearby.
{2} Nordies & Fall
As everyone knows, "the sale" of the year is happening right now and I couldn't help but order a few things! I'm so excited for my purchases (one of which [boots] is a birthday present from my parents), even though I need to wait for Fall weather to wear them. It makes me THAT much more excited for fall [my favorite season] but I'm trying not to rush the summer away!
via via via
{3} Sbucks Refresher
Have you tried this? Oh my goodness is it delish and I definitely recommend, I strayed away from my normal passion fruit iced tea to try this Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher during a visit to Starbucks this week and I'm so happy I did.
{4}New Girl
Alex and I watched the majority of the last season, when it was on and we were home, and I laughed a lot! But recently we've been watching Season 1 on Netflix and it makes me so happy. I didn't realize how much I liked it until we watched episode after episode. I know this is old news, but it is so funny! We finished it last night and now I can't wait for the next season to start.
{5} The Longest Ride
I learned that Nicholas Spark's next book is coming out September 17th! Yes, call me a cliche girly girl, but I love his writing, even if it is predictable. It is such a nice escape and I'm so looking forward to this one.

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

I'm excited to participate in my first "Wedding Wednesday", since friends and family are always asking for wedding updates, I thought this is a nice way to keep everyone in the loop! Of course since we're not planning on having the big day until Sept/Oct 2014, I won't have one every Wednesday, just when I have some exciting things to share.

Without further are the venues we have booked appointments at so far. I'm hoping to book a couple more appointments since I want to make the most of our trip back there:

1. Airlie Gardens
I love the Bradley Creek Lawn location at this venue. It has almost everything we want for our "perfect" venue, outdoor by the water, green grass & luscious trees. The only thing is it seems like there are a lot of added costs (i.e. tent, electricity hook ups, etc.)
This location is more central to downtown Wilmington. It doesn't have the "water view" that we would love to have, but it is a really historic location, which Wilmington is known for so that is pretty cool!  
3. Poplar Grove Plantation
This also has a lot of history in it, it is one of the oldest plantations in NC. I love that there is a barn here, although the ceilings look kind of low. I like the outdoor aspect of it, but again there is no water view, and it might be tough to bring in everything we want, but again we want to keep all our options open until we see them!

4. 128 South
I never thought we would even be considering an "indoor" venue. But seeing this venue on so many photographers blog has allowed to me to think differently. It's downtown Wilmington (plus) and there is an outdoor area and a water view from the deck. And dare I say if there is any rain this would be a good back up to have inside.
Photos via

Needless to say I'm so anxious to get back there and actually see each of these in person, since I'm sure the feeling is much different than conveyed through photos!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

And So it Begins...The Plan!

Anyone that knows me well, knows I'm the furthest thing from a procrastinator there is. When I know something needs to be done, whether it's tomorrow or a year from tomorrow, I'm always eager to get it done right now! While at one time I thought of it as one of my vices, I've learn to accept and embrace it.  I even remember in Elementary School when assigned Book Reports, I would rush home and do them that night, regardless of when they were due. And as soon as I graduated college I needed a job right away and started my career that same month [in between meeting my fiance ;) ].

Anywho, as soon as we got engaged I started thinking about ALL THE PLANNING. I have been blessed enough to be in a handful of weddings, so I know there is a lot that goes into this big day. Being the organization lover I am, I knew I wanted a "plan book". I searched around & couldn't find one I of course I made my own!

I headed to Staples to get a small binder (since I know I'll be traveling across country with it, and throwing it my purse/overnight bag a lot!) and found some cute little paper, along with some pocket dividers. Unfortunately they didn't have tabs on them, but that didn't stop me! I grabbed some washii tape my sista had & made my own tabs. For the cover, I used a Martha Stewart "chalkboard" label, with a gold paint pen.

I simply cut the washii tape the length of the tabs I wanted, then set in on the divider, and folded it in half and created the tab to then write on

And of course, my cute Ring Bearer was eager to help...he adds such a great point of view :)

I made a tab for each of the "large" vendors I know I'll have, and one for all the other miscellaneous stuff:

1. The Place (venue)
2. The Blooms (flowers)
3. The Jams (DJ)
4. The Eats (yummy food)
5. The Stuff (every other vendor/thing)
I know this little book won't keep me from some of the crazy-ness associated with the planning, but hopefully it will at least help me keep track of all the contacts, details, and inspiration that I collect up until our big day! I can't wait to start filling it.

What are/were your wedding planning tricks?!

Friday, July 19, 2013

5 on Friday

[1] Wedding Planning--Step One!
We decided that it makes the most sense to have our wedding back in North Carolina, as all of Alex's family resides in either North or South Carolina, and all of my extended family is in New England (not to mention, there is such natural beautiful landscapes back there!) My mama and I are flying back toward the end of August to check out some venues, and I'm so excited to see different places and ultimately secure the location so we can get-a-plannin :)

[2] Summer Concert
I can't believe it's already mid-July, where has this Summer gone? But this also means that next weekend is the Kenny Chesney/Eric Church/Eli Young concert at Angels Stadium. I can not wait! Since ten years ago, Katie and I have been driving around singing Kenny songs and I'm so excited to finally see him in concert...and with her (and her crazy), and I've always wanted to see Eric Church in concert!
[3] Trust in Him
Lately I've been needing this so much and it's such a calming reminder!
[4] Love me a bargain!
A few weeks ago I scored these at Nordie's Rack, and I'm so happy I decided to get them. They were nearly half off the original price, and have since been my "go to" summer sandal.
[5] Better 'n' Peanut Butter
I recently picked this up from Trader Joes and started using this in my recipes, and for dipping my apples, (thanks to Gina's recommendation over at SkinnyTaste) and have come to love it. At first I was a bit weary, because I love my Skippy, but this is so much healthier and doesn't taste too different.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Long Weekend Recap

Although I was sad to see it go, this past weekend was so nice. Alex and I kicked the weekend off with the 4th of July BBQing with my parents, then beach cruising down to the town green to watch the fireworks [and east some cotton candy!]. A simple, but fun 4th!
On Friday, Allison and Tay came down to my neck of the woods and we had a yummy lunch in Laguna. Saturday we went on a beautiful bike ride down to a nearby state beach and it was my dad's birthday, so we enjoyed a nice dinner with him and my mama [all others out of town!].
And finally Sunday was a very important day, Alex's 27th Bday. As requested, I made him chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, with a couple candles to complete the meal! Then we headed to the driving range [don't mind my horrible form, I'm still learning], the pool, and lastly to one of our favorite restaurants, The Bluewater Grill, with the family for a birthday dinner.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Introducing The New Mr. & Mrs.

I'm a few days late but I couldn't go without sharing Katie & Beau's wedding! The venue was a small winery in an orange orchard which was pretty in itself, but all the little details Katie added made it look even more beautiful. The rehearsal was on Friday night, then we headed to a Mexican restaurant not far from the venue where we celebrated the day to come. Saturday we woke had some breakfast and chatted about how exciting the day was going to be, then it was time to get ready. Katie was the most beautiful bride and the ceremony and reception were so much fun. It was the perfect celebration of Katie & Beau's love and their journey to come, congratulations to the Mr. & Mrs!