Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

I'm excited to participate in my first "Wedding Wednesday", since friends and family are always asking for wedding updates, I thought this is a nice way to keep everyone in the loop! Of course since we're not planning on having the big day until Sept/Oct 2014, I won't have one every Wednesday, just when I have some exciting things to share.

Without further are the venues we have booked appointments at so far. I'm hoping to book a couple more appointments since I want to make the most of our trip back there:

1. Airlie Gardens
I love the Bradley Creek Lawn location at this venue. It has almost everything we want for our "perfect" venue, outdoor by the water, green grass & luscious trees. The only thing is it seems like there are a lot of added costs (i.e. tent, electricity hook ups, etc.)
This location is more central to downtown Wilmington. It doesn't have the "water view" that we would love to have, but it is a really historic location, which Wilmington is known for so that is pretty cool!  
3. Poplar Grove Plantation
This also has a lot of history in it, it is one of the oldest plantations in NC. I love that there is a barn here, although the ceilings look kind of low. I like the outdoor aspect of it, but again there is no water view, and it might be tough to bring in everything we want, but again we want to keep all our options open until we see them!

4. 128 South
I never thought we would even be considering an "indoor" venue. But seeing this venue on so many photographers blog has allowed to me to think differently. It's downtown Wilmington (plus) and there is an outdoor area and a water view from the deck. And dare I say if there is any rain this would be a good back up to have inside.
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Needless to say I'm so anxious to get back there and actually see each of these in person, since I'm sure the feeling is much different than conveyed through photos!


  1. All of these are gorgeous! I'm hoping for an outdoor wedding too but that last venue really is beautiful. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Hey lady! Found you through another blog and I am your newest follower! I have a bit of nostalgia from planning my own wedding last year so I look forward to seeing yours come together!


  3. I love them all!! So exciting