Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013

I had not planned on taking a "break" from blogging, but what can I say life got ahead of me for the past couple o' weeks! Most recently, a trip back East was occupying my time. For as long as I can remember my mom, her sisters, and her mom would go away for the weekend in the Fall for a "girls weekend". When we were younger I think it was so they could get a break from us, but now since my cousins and I are older, us "girls" are now invited! This was my second year going, and we stayed at the same house in Cape Cod both times.

The weekend was spent visiting, eating, walking around cute little Cape towns, and even a surprise Engagement Party for me and my cousin, Emily, who is also getting married next year! It was so sweet, my aunt cooked a feast and had the cutest d├ęcor and fun games for us to play. We had absolutely great weather, the perfect fall temps!
Our Home for the Weekend!
The Whole Gang! 4 generations =)
Easton was the only boy allowed =)

Love our mama!
The cutest pumpkin around!
Picking up our "baby" cousin (who is also the tallest...)

Love my sista!


  1. Love these photos!! Looks soo fun!

  2. Looks like it was amazing!! Wish I could have seen everyone xoxox

  3. that looks like such fun trip!! and what an adorable house :)