Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beignets Oh Yay!

Last night we had some of the family over for dinner and Alex made beignets. He has made them for us once before and they were just as delicious, but as you'll see they're super healthy it's not often we indulge ourselves. His step dad is from New Orleans [or N'Orleans as they say, right?], so he does have some great cajun recipes up his sleeve [and beignet skills!]. If you have all the right tools, I've learned they're super easy to make. The main ingredient is Pillsbury Rolls (he says it's important to get the ones that don't flake). Of course you can make the dough from scratch, but this version is super easy, cheap and d-lish!

Step 1: Flatten the dough rolls and cut into fourths (each fourth will be 1 beignet so you don't need a lot of rolls) and use a butter knife to pierce a small slit in the middle of each

Then you simply put the flattened 1/4 rolls in the deep frier [I told you they were healthy ;) ] until they're browned, let them cool then put powdered sugar in a bag and shake them up!

Everyone enjoyed them, even Easton ;)