Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Thumb Garden Geek

Fifteen years ago I would have never guessed that I would be the one calling up my mom and asking if she wants to go to the nursery to get some plants. has happened! Growing up my mom always had the most beautiful, elaborate, colorful gardens-no matter where we lived [East Coast, West Coast, big house, small house...she always made it work]. I can't say when I was little I was always thrilled to go get plants for the garden with fact I think most of the time I complained about it.

I guess I am "getting older", or as I like to think just appreciating the smaller things in life-but ever since I got my own place I've been wanting a garden. The only problem is, I have absolutely no "yard" of any sor. Being my mother's daughter, I did not let that stop me! This morning my mama and I ventured out to find the perfect plants that would sit on my door step and stairs up to our place. I'm lucky enough to live near one of the most amazing garden shops around-Roger's Gardens. But, with amazing comes pricey, so this was just the first of our stops and it was blooming & beautiful.

I decided to get one signature "piece" or plant there, to start of my collection [after all this was a BIG moment] but the rest was way too expensive!
Purple Flower=Heliotrope [garden geek]!
Then we headed to some more affordable [but still beautiful] garden shops...

All to end up with this:

And the grand finale final products:
Heliotrope & Alysum
Primrose, Alysum & Bacopa

I'm glad my mama was with me to help me pick out the best colors, seasonal, and size plants for my small space-who knew so much deciding went into gardening! 


  1. Oh my gosh... I remember those days! We'd all give each other "the eyes" BUT your mom does ALWAYS have the most beautiful gardens we are all envious of. Actually... I miss those days :)

    Cute flowers.