Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lobstas & Waffles

Last night Alex and I ventured to to the local "Food Truck Round Up" at the OC fairgrounds.  I may or may not have been following stalking the Lobsta Truck online to see when they were going to be around. A few months ago a couple of coworkers and I tried the truck when it was nearby during lunch that day. I was a little weary, I mean seafood in a food truck? But, being a Bostonian, I had to at least try it...and! So, it hasn't been around these parts in a while, and I saw it was going to be close by last night so I convinced Alex to go. I got the crab roll w/ butter, and he got the lobsta roll. For dessert, I had a nutella/strawberry/banana waffle from the Waffle-icious truck (info here) which was also yummy.
I highly recommend trying this one if it's ever in your neighborhood (find them here!), trust me, it's uh-mazing! Only downfall is it's a little pricey for a food truck, but well worth it!

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