Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whats's for Dinner: Week 4

So this last week was a bit crazy & I must confess I did NOT cook @ home 4 nights...only 3! Yes, tell me I didn't succeed at my NYR (new year's resolution), but I'll tell you making that resolution has certainly paid off...even if I broke it. Let me tell you why. I have found a new love for cooking and trying new recipes and finding healthier ways to cook our already favorite meals.

Because I have realized how difficult it is to find amazing, unique, cheap and new recipes to cook for all 4 nights (or how ever many I cook at home), I have decided to make this the last week of "what's for dinner" and rather share exciting "one-off" recipes, when I come across them. This week I've already repeated one of our new faves (Lemon curried chicken soup from week 1) so while I will continue to strive to cook 4 times at home, there will probably be many repeats (aka boring)!

But like I said, my NYR has been incredibly helpful because I have acquired more cooking skills/knowledge, and along with that grocery shopping knowledge (who knew that existed), like where do you find Pancetta? I've learned a lot from cooking just in the last 4 weeks and I am going to continue to be on the hunt for exciting recipes. I encourage you all to find exciting recipes that work for you and your household because it does bring lots of satisfaction :)

Monday: The Salmon and Couscous is self explanatory, and delicious

Tuesday: For the chicken marinade, I used this one found here (I used 1 TBSP of light mayo instead of miracle whip) . I marinated it while at work and it was pretty yummy. I cooked the brussel sprouts on the stove with some garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper, then added a little chicken broth and put the cover on and let them simmer with the cover on.

Wednesday: No photo because we just cooked heated up some French Onion Soups we got from Trader Joe's, and they were great!

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