Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paper Flag Banner

A few days ago you saw my latest project with my home office and this cute little paper flag banner on my bulletin board. I've been so excited to put up this step-by-step project because I think everyone should make their own, because it's so fun and simple! My favorite part about it is that you can customize in just about every way to make it your own- I got a pack of "citrus" colored paper patterns from Joannes to create my flags, but you can pick from any type of paper, or even fabric, here are the supplies I used:

  • Pinking Scissors
  • Citrus Paper Pack (this was 4.5"x6.5" paper)
  • Adhesive (anything will due, I used a double sided tape sticky thing, scientific, i know!)
  • Ribbon 
1. Cut a square out of your desired colored paper
2. Fold that square in half (horizontally)
3. Take your pinking scissors and cut diagonally to create one side of your flag, then cut the other so yo you essentially have a really skinny diamond shape when you open it, or small diamond/flag when its folded over
4. Fold the flag over the ribbon (or whatever string type material you're using)
5. Open the paper up, so its a skinny diamond again, and put adhesive on both insides, then fold back and stick the sides together, and voila! 

TIP: If you're unsure how long you want your banner, you may want to cut out all flags first, then line them up on the ribbon and space them out evenly before putting the adhesive on, like so:
 6. Repeat with each desired paper color/design, until your banner is as long as you want it!

I chose to put my banner in my home office, but you can really use them in any location to spruce up your work space...or for a birthday, party decor, etc!

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