Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's for Dinner: Week 2

Continuing my resolution, we cooked at home 4 nights last week (with one minor hiccup), wahoo! Although, I would say the first week was more successful from the *taste* standpoint [I think Alex would agree ;)], but hey you win some and you loose some, right?  

(my actual photos, hence them not looking as perfect as some you'll see on the sites linked below!)

[Sunday]  Fontina, Caramelized-Onion, and Pancetta Pizza
Review: I'm normally a huge homemade pizza fan, and this recipe was pretty good, but not my favorite. I think we might have skimped on the amount of Pancetta, which caused the onion to overpower! It was good,  but I think next time I would try prosciutto (my favorite!) or ham.
Recipe: Here
Ranking (out of 5): 3/5

[Monday] Tortelleni Soup 
Review: This is not a new recipe in our home...it's a favorite! We originally had it at my Sister-in-law's a year or so ago, and from that day we have fallen in love. It's super easy and delicious, and make's for great leftovers.
Recipe: You can find tons of different recipes on line, but Marina's is my favorite and I haven't found it online, so if you're curious-

Ingredients: two packages of tortellini (in the aisle with the cheese at the grocery), mushrooms, garlic, yellow or white onion, two stocks of baby bok choy, tortellini and a box of chicken broth (we use 2 boxes because we like a lot of leftovers).

1. Sautee mushrooms and onion, add garlic after a few minutes
2. Put chicken broth in a big pot bring to light boil, add tortellini (cooks in Broth)
3. Once tortellini is almost done add the washed baby bok choy.
4. Optional: Add parmesan cheese & red pepper chili flakes to finished product

Ranking (out of 5): 5/5 (always...thanks Marina!)

[Tuesday] Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore
Review: I'm a HUGE fan of the crock pot ever since I purchased it a few months ago-especially with working. I was a little nervous leaving it on while I went to work the first time, but all worked out as planned! Anyways, this was a very yummy recipe, but I think next time I would follow the recipe just as stated (I tried to make it a little healthier and omit the cheese and some other things, but I think it would have made it better).
Recipe: Here
Ranking (out of 5): 4.5/5 

[Thursday] Cilantro-Lime Chicken Wings Store Bought Rotisserie Chicken
Review:  Well, well, I had all intentions of grilling Cilantro-Lime Chicken Wings (which we've also cooked many of times and we love), but sadly when I went to prepare the chicken I realized it had gone bad (guess I missed the date when picking that one out at the store), EW! So, I had to throw it out and run to Albertson's and get a Rotisserie chicken and throw some Pillsbury rolls in the oven and Rice Pilaf on the stove. It was a good save, but small disappointment!
Recipe: I'll have to check with the Albertson's chef and get back to ya!
Ranking (out of 5): 1/5 (my score for having the rolls and rice pilaf on hand!)

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  1. Looks like a yummy week! So gross about the chicken...ew!