Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gettin' Crafty for the Kitchen

Since moving into our little humble abode, back in September, I have thoroughly enjoyed making it "our home". It has been so fun because this is the first time I [I mean, we ;) ] actually get to decorate our own place not just our one bedroom studio, if you will, at my sister's :). I can't wait for the day I get to conquer decorating a whole house...but for now the apartment is plenty. One of the places I've had the most trouble making feel homey is the kitchen. And by that I mean, I've been having trouble getting excited to cook and don't feel like it's my kitchen. I do love it because it's all white and easy to clean, but I wanted to add some color to make it more fun and add some personality. So, along came the "eat" frame project...

I've seen plenty of "eat" kitchen decor on Etsy that I love and could simply purchase-but what fun is that, right? I also get bored of things more quickly than most, so any time I can DIY and save some $, I'm all for it. So, I set out to Joannes to get my craft on & purchased the following [don't forget to use your Joanne's mobile app (nerd alert) I saved 50% on the frame, and 25% on my total purchase!]:
  • white cardstock for the actual "art piece" (I got three pieces just in case my penmanship wasn't as perfect as I'd like to think)
  • plain wooden frame
  • paint (I purchased Martha's "pool" and "wet cement" colors, and was very happy with the way they came out)
  • paint brushes
To complete this project, I painted the wooden frame with the Wet Cement paint color, then I just drew out the "eat" with a pencil on the cardstock, painted over it with the Pool color and voila:

In the "after" photo, you also see some new handy dandy dish towels I snagged during my last trip to Target for $4.99! 

There you have it, my speedy & simple kitchen craftery! 

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  1. SO cute! You should do a home/apartment tour, so I can see it!