Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Spoonful o' Resolution

As (one of my) New Years resolutions, I've decided to cook at home at least 4 nights a week. I know it does not sound that difficult, but somehow it has seemed nearly impossible for me ever since I started working--call me crazy! Although I have multiple reasons for wanting to do this, one of the most important ones is to try and eat healthier (I know, cliche, cliche!). Luckily, Santa apparently forecasted this resolution as I opened up these AMAZING cooking and baking supplies on Christmas morning!

Conversion Dish Towel (Crate&Barrel), Milk Bottle Measuring Cups (Anthropologie)
& Serving Set (Anthropologie)

I mean, how can you not want to get in the kitchen and cook/bake with these awesome "tools"! I know it motivates me. Now I just need to find some yummy (and healthy) is challenging but I know they're out there. Last night I made Curried Chicken and Rice Soup (found here) and it came out great, it was really tasteful, healthy and even Alex loved it! Perfect for the cold nights we've been having. I think I will be cooking it again soon. 

If anyone has some yummy & healthy fun recipes, bring 'em on!


  1. Santa brought me those measuring cups from Anthropologie, too! I heard our Santas went shopping together a few weeks ago. Maybe they got them at the same time ;)

  2. haha, yes, I think our Santas copied each other-fine by me! Don't you love them?

  3. hmmm my Santa must have missed that event! : )