Sunday, June 2, 2013

Herbs & Garden Update

Back in February I showed you the beginnings of my little pot garden out on our front porch (here). The first few weeks of those pots were so exciting, to water and to watch them grow--then after two months or so I quickly realized what people talk about with "keeping up the garden". And I only had two pots...I can only imagine a whole yard! So, when I realized my plants needed some sprucing up, I called in the expert, aka my mama, and we went to the nursery and picked up some more seasonal plants.

I also have always wanted an herb garden, and living in a small place with no yard I thought made that not possible, but again my mama came through and  helped me make one in what is normally a strawberry pot! I have rosemary, chives, oregano and thyme-love, love it. So much fun to cook with these herbs. Next on my list is cilantro and basil!

And for the regular pots--the heliotrope lasted (although the flowers on it seem to come and go each week) so we salvaged that, but had to get impatiens, and accent plants, to replace in the other pot. I'm loving the fun summer colors:

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  1. Loving the mini herb garden!! It is so much more fun to cook when you can walk to your doorstep for the ingredients!