Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday!

1. Fiancé
Of course this had to be my numero UNO! I couldn't think of anything I'm more happy about right now. These past three years together have been so fun and I can't wait for a lifetime more and traveling on this journey with my guy :)

2. My Best Friend's Wedding 
No, I'm not talking about good ol' Julia Roberts, although that is a great movie. My best friend, Katie, of over 10 years is getting married tomorrow! We have been through so much together and I simply can't wait to be a part of this huge milestone in her life. Today starts the festivities of the BIG day with their rehearsal and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate Katie & Beau's love and future with them. Katie has been working nonstop over the past couple months DIYing everything, and from the sneak peeks I've seen along the way its going to be AMAZING!

These are some of my favorite photos we have together:
1. Being engaged together! (for one week) This is really special to me, not only because of the obvious reasons, but she was there the night I met Alex, and I was there the day Beau asked for her phone number :)
2. When she flew half way across the world (literally) to Australia and SURPRISED me with my other bestie Kirston when I was studying abroad there in college. Can you tell they succeeded with the surprise?
3. Snowboarding, throughout high school (and college) we had so much fun snowboarding together, definitely some of my fondest memories of our friendship thus far!

3. Summer Nights
The other night we got happy hour and sat outside on the patio and it was perfect weather. I love the warm weather and long daylight that comes with these months.

4. Wedding Planning
Call me crazy, but I'm already so excited to begin our wedding planning. Considering we're not even sure what state it'll be in, we have a lot of planning to do so I don't think it's too early! My amazing sis gave me insight to a couple of blogs to get me started and I've been looking at them daily:

Style Me Pretty
Green Wedding Shoes
Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding ChicksOnce Wed

If you have any other helpful sites, please send them my way!

5. Starbucks Passion Fruit Iced Tea
One of the tell tail signs of Summer for me is this yummy drink. It is so refreshing, and just makes me happy with its sweet taste and pretty color. I'm planning on having my first one of the season today!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Found you via the Five on Friday linkup. Nice to "meet you".

    Summer nights are my favorite! And happy wedding planning!