Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boats & Burgers

Last weekend we celebrated my SIL's b-day in true fashion--on a Duffy boat in the harbor. We had a great time, Alex was a mighty fine captain, and we drank wine and ate a delish appetizer plate (courtesy of ThingsToBeStroudOf!) and played many games of "liars dice"...a new game we learned that is so much fun!

The night ended at one of  my new favorite restaurants, Dublin 4. One of my all time favorite foods is a good cheeseburger, and good doesn't even begin to describe their burger! Oh and I'm also a sucker for anything truffle, and the burger came with truffle fries, I was in heaven! Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful SIL, Marina.

Captain Hottie :)

Amidst a Tense Game of Liars Dice
The Whole Gang--Me and the BIL Need Some Sunnies!

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  1. Love the matching captain and ms captain shirts!! That was the best planned little outing!