Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon [Exuma, Bahamas]

Well, just like that, our wedding & honeymoon has come and gone. Our wedding was truly greater than I could have ever dreamt and I'm still holding onto the bliss that overcame me that day! I honestly haven't had the time to process how close to perfect that day was yet, and can not wait to see more photos, so I am going to hold off on writing about it for now!

Instead I am reliving our honeymoon which was equally as amazing! My husband (ah) and I went to Exuma, Bahamas and stayed at an all inclusive resort, it.was.awesome.
When we weren't relaxing on the beach [with the most crystal clear water and whitest sand I've ever seen] or laying pool side in between trips to the swim up bar for endless lava flows and pina coladas, we paddle boarded, sailed, snorkeled, golfed on the most beautiful course (well I drove the golf cart and Alex golfed) boated around the islands, and yes even "swam with the pigs," this is a "thing" in Exuma which at first we thought the most bizaree thing ever, but everyone said we had to do it, and it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

This was definitely the hardest vacation to come back to reality from. 
I wanna honeymoon every year!

Wedding Wednesday


  1. Wedding twins & practically honeymoon twins too! We went to the Bahamas, as well :) We were at Atlantis though! Sounds like you had an AWESOME time! One of our cab drivers told us about swimming with the pigs. I was completely fascinated by the idea. Lol.

  2. I want to honeymoon every year also! It looks like an amazing trip! And swimming with pigs sounds fun!

  3. That looks like such an amazing trip! Those swimming pigs are so interesting, who would have thought.

  4. Those pictures make me want to go there! And those pigs are just the cutest.