Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday!

[1] Wedding Reliving
I can't wait to finally sift through all our family/friend's photos from our wedding (since our professional ones won't be ready for a bit!). I've reserved Sunday for thank you card writing and wedding photo sorting. Can't wait to start bloggin' about this day and all the projects I've been busy with with past year or so!

[2] Oh, Baby!
Tomorrow my sista, mama and I are throwing my wonderful SIL and soon-to-be Niece a shower.  My plans tonight consist of breaking out the new Kitchen Aid (first time, woot woot) and finally using all the fun baking ware I received at my shower to whip up some cupcakes for the special event!
Fun & exciting  fact: my SIL is due end of November and my sister end of December, two Nieces coming my way so soon :) Here's the 3 (or should I say 5) of us on my wedding morning!
[3] Fall
Somehow with our wedding being end of September and not coming back from our honeymoon until October, my mind missed the whole "it's Fall!" thing. Although our Southern Ca weather isn't following along (per usual), I'm excited for Fall activities to come!
Here's to wishing we'd see some of these beauties around these parts soon...ha! We can dream :)
[4] Nashville
Again with my wedding busy self, I have not even had the chance to watch an episode of the new season! I'm so excited to catch up, hopefully this can be part of Sunday plans (I sense a Sunday football/Nashville competition...wonder which will win!)

[5] Gifts on Gifts
As I'm sure all of you past Brides can relate with, one of the (few) exciting things about coming back from your honeymoon is the last few wedding gifts that arrive! This awesome tray arrive this week one of my dear friends. It's the perfect addition to our living room!
happy almost weekend to all!


  1. That tray is beautiful! The only thing I don't miss about wedding business is writing Thank you notes. It took me forever to finish those suckers!

  2. Your veil is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more photos! And how exciting you're going to be an aunt x 2! :)

  3. Your wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Agree with Caitlyn.^ The veil is beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous dress! I'm sure you are dying to see all of your pics. That was the best part!