Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stop. My Word for 2014.

Today I'm linking up with Little Baby Garvin and some other bloggers for a fun 2014 post.

The question: "Many people choose a word to reflect on, live by, or aspire to for the New Year.  Let us know your word, how you decided upon it, and how you hope to incorporate it into 2014."


Stop is my word for 2014. Simple? Yes. Meaningful? To me. I chose this word because lately more than ever I have constantly caught myself rushing through every little thing. I rush to work, so I can get through my to do list, I rush through work so I won't hit too much traffic on the way home, I rush home so I can see Alex...and the cycle continues. I need to stop and enjoy the ride and listen to some music, stop and think how lucky I am to have a job that I actually enjoy {most of the time} and stop and realize how blessed I am to have a loving fiance to go home to. 

And in the year of planning our wedding, I think its ever more important that I stop, slow down and enjoy these moments that are leading up to this day.

Even when I have something I'm looking forward to, I'm constantly thinking and preparing for that day, or night, and not enjoying what I'm doing in that moment. I never stop to reflect on what I'm doing, or what I've done, I'm always rushing to the next thing. So this year I am challenging myself to Stop taking anything for granted, Stop and Reflect, Stop and Enjoy, and Stop and Live!


  1. Love it! I think it will definitely make you love and remember your wedding year in the best way!