Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Christmas Craft

Since I'm a sucker for cute wrapping/packaging, this year I decided I wanted to put a "crafty" touch on our gifts. I still love the "natural" color mixed with traditional red and green; and lately I've been loving all things silver and gold so I decided to mix all these to make these simple gift tags. To get me in the mood I put some Christmas pandora on...nothing like some Mariah to get you in the spirit, right?

I cut out the circles, then embellished with some stamps, and silver, gold and green stamp pads. You have to look closely but I embossed a few, but since the stamp designs are so small with not much space in between the lines it's difficult to emboss and keep the detail (if you've ever embossed you know what I'm talkin bout!)

Now I just need some gifts to wrap...


  1. so cute!!!! I love them! I am thinking hard about making our gift tags this year!

  2. Love these. I really want to make my own tags this year.

  3. Love this post. kudos on the embossing and yes we all love xmas pandora music and Mariah xmas tunes.

  4. Ah, I love this. I was actually just searching projects on pinterest so I'm completely in the mood to do something like this! Looks great!