Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday {Thankful Edition}

In the spirit of the season I decided to do things a bit differently today. These are all pretty cliche, but nonetheless true~this year I'm thankful for:

[1] Alex
I'm incredibly blessed to be looking forward to taking on this life journey with a man who gets and appreciates me in the way he does. Over the years I've learned it really isn't always going to be "Notebook" perfect, but what's important is learning to support each other in those challenging times. It's certainly much easier to have a good relationship when there aren't many responsibilities and tough decisions, but when life happens I think that is the true test. And I can honestly say I wouldn't rather have any one else by my side to figure out this crazy thing called life-hence why I said "yes"!
Sunset on Oak Island on one of the first trips I took to see him :)
[2] Family
Right now we are so lucky that our entire immediate family lives within 5 miles of each other, literally. Some people would see this as crazy and are completely okay with living thousands of miles away from their family. I, for one, thank God every single day that we are able to be in this chapter of life with our family so nearby. I know it may not be like this forever, but it's pretty amazing we're experiencing it right now!

[3] Amigos
As I've grown older I've seen some friends come and go, and I'm definitely thankful for those, near and far, that I can count on to be there when I need them (to laugh or cry). When I was younger I felt like I always had to be doing something, but I've learned that with true friends you can have just a good time grabbing a coffee as doing something "fun"! I love this Winnie quote (he was my favorite when I was little!)

[4] Airplanes
As much as I'm thankful for my family that's right here, I know it's difficult for Alex to live so far from his family. And I, too, wish we lived closer to them, so I'm happy we live in a time that we can just hop on an airplane next week and arrive to his family so quickly (well not that quickly).

[5] Career
While I certainly don't define myself by my job, I am definitely thankful I'm able to do something I enjoy (most of the time) at a company that has great people and great values. This year especially I've learned how lucky I am to be in the position I am right now.


  1. It's always good to remind ourselves of what we are thankful for!! Have a great weekend!

  2. love your thankful, gracious heart through this post!!! xx

  3. You are so sweet. It's so important to stop and remind ourselves what we're thankful for.

    Have a great weekend!