Monday, March 18, 2013

Surprise Pattys Day

I have pretty much been excited to write this post since January when my best friends from college and I decided to plan a trip to Denver to surprise Lindsey (our best friend who lives there) for St. Patty's/Her early birthday. This was the toughest secret to keep, but somehow we pulled it off without a hitch...thanks to her wonderful boyfriend, Matt! 

We had a blast the whole weekend celebrating St. Patty's at the downtown festivities, eating a ton of good food, and finally heading to Boulder on Sunday. Here is how it all went down, me and three others flew in first and got to the restaurant, Tomayo, prior to her arriving for her "Anniversary Dinner for 2"...which was really a surprise dinner for 6. Forgive my amateur video skills, but you can get the just of it by watching this:

The other 4 of us arrived a few hours later for round 2 of the surprise (the best, but blurry, photo I have of the 2nd surprise with Lindsey on the left and the "surprisees" on the right).