Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

[1] Fall Wear. This week the "Indian Summer" finally broke (hopefully for good) which means I can finally wear Fall clothes! Today I threw on my new fave purchase from Old Navy :)
[2] New Hair, PLEASE! It is time. I have officially decided to chop my hair off. I grew it out very long for our wedding, and I'm just about sick of dealing with it now. Next week I am chopping it all off and I can't wait. Hoping I can do something like this...

[3]Wedding Pics. It feels like FOREVER that we've been waiting for our pics. But I got an email from our amazing photog yesterday that they'll be ready in 2 weeks. Just enough time to pop one into a card and send off for Christmas! I'm loving the foil pressed cards this year. How cute is this one? 

[4] Plans  This is the first weekend since before our wedding that we do not have one single commitment on the books and it feels so amazing. 

[5] Baking. Hoping in between doing nothing I can find some time for baking this weekend :) Been wanting to make some yummy treats, and lately have such a craving for all things s'mores...don't ask me why! Do you have any yummy things you've baked lately? If so please share recipe!
How yummy does this look? via

happy happy Friday.


  1. LOVE the Christmas card--definitely a cute idea for when you get your pics back! I need to get a move on our design so I can get those printed and back in time for a Christmas mailing! lol. My photographer took like 7 weeks. So I feel ya. Waiting is #thestruggle! Enjoy a relaxing weekend. Those are absolutely the best! Can't wait to have one like that again!!!

  2. Winter is here where I am! I woke up & it was 20 degrees! i think the High is 34 today!!

  3. Love the hair cut style. I'm hoping to do something similar with mine this month as well.