Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday.

This week has flown by for me, but I'm still just as excited to see Friday is here!

[1] Day-of-Coordinator! That's right, one more thing checked off our to-do list, we officially booked a coordinator for our wedding and I'm very happy about I can just relax no stress on my wedding day, right? ;)

[2] Roller-coaster. Tomorrow Alex's company is having their "Fall Picnic" at Knott's Berry Farm amusement park, and I'm so excited because I haven't been there for a long time. I love the thrill of upside down, make your stomach drop roller coasters-I'll def be screaming, but enjoy every ride!

[3] Cool Mornings. This week is the first week that when I walk outside I feel the cool, Fall, crisp air and it makes so happy! The days are still pretty warm/non-fall temps, but it's a start. This is what it gets me excited for, although we don't exactly have changing leaves/turning of the seasons out here in So. Ca.

[4] Aviici. Normally I'm all about country, and don't get me wrong I still love it, but I have a longer commute with my new job, so I need some more variety. And Aviici's new song gets me through rush hour when it comes on...I love it!
[5] New Headband. I'm not a huge headband fan, but I love this new purchase (mine has black stones, though). It is classy enough for work, and adds a nice touch, to the running-late, can't do my hair days!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. love the headband! have fun at the company picnic!!!

  2. I LOVE that headband it is so cute!! Also these cool mornings are heavenly!

  3. I love roller coasters too! I get so nervous while I'm waiting in line but love the thrill. I've never heard of Knotts Betty Farm. Do they have them all over? You're so lucky it's getting cooler where you are. It's still hot as hades here!!

  4. You will LOVE having a coordinator. My wedding isn't even here yet and I already LOVE her so much!