Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Asking My Maids.

Being the crafty person I am (or like to think I am) I went back and forth on all different ways I could ask my bridesmaids. There are tons of ways out there, and especially with could quickly get out of control! For me, I also had to think of creating something I could mail, since 3 of my bridesmaids are thousands of miles away.

So, although it's not as creative as I maybe would have hoped, I settled on designing a cute little card and wrote a meaningful note inside. As a little add-on, I grabbed some of the pics I shot while at our venue back in August, and made a mini collage card with our date written on it. I added some glitter, and wrapped both cards in twine and yarn and called it a day.

I'm pleased with how they came out, and loved that I got to ask each of them "in person"...even though "in person" sometimes meant via FaceTime...thank you Steve Jobs!

And, equally as important--we also "asked" our ring bearer, my nephew Easton, who of course gladly accepted (he's currently only 13 months, but is very excited), and our adorable flower girl, Alex's niece Olivia, who is just as excited as me!


  1. These are adorable! love the touch of twine on them too!!!!

  2. So cute! I love the idea of adding a mini save the date with the pictures!

  3. Love these, they are so pretty!


  4. These turned out so well!!! Your venue looks beautiful!

  5. Love it! Sometimes simplicity wins out over all the bells and whistles!

  6. how precious are these?!?! so lovely! what a sweet and memorable idea!!

  7. Adorable! I wish I would have thought of something like this when I was planning our wedding.