Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

1 | Lately. Between work, family, friends and wedding planning, I haven't skipped a beat this past month. Lots of quality time with friends, oh and a work trip to NYC. Here's a couple snaps:
2 | Warm Weather. The weather lately has been close to perfect, so it has been great to get out and enjoy it. We went for a hike a couple weeks ago and it was beautiful!

3 | Leaving on a jet plane...again! Continuing my jet setting, but this time for fun :) I'm headed up to SF tonight after work for a long over due visit! I can't wait.
4 | Crafting. I came to the realization that my pinterest boards wouldn't come alive themselves, so I've also been busy doing my wedding thang...finally started some DIY projects and making some progress, but have LOTS to do still. 

5 | Music saves me. Do any other country fans out there think there are the BEST songs out right now? I am loving so many songs right now, and the warming weather is a great combination. Lately my radio puts me in such a great mood...especially this one (yes i'm a Luke Bryan freak and am so sad I won't be at Stagecoach this weekend):



  1. When I bought his album and heard this song I became OBSESSED and swore it would be a smash. love it!

  2. Love that graphic--so true!!! Have you ever seen the articles with pinterest fails? It's SO funny!!! have a great trip in SF! Sounds awesome!