Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

If you follow my pinterest board, Becoming a Mrs., you may have noticed a pattern in my pins. Most of them are gray, white, mint, and peach. Of course I have no idea if either of these combinations will go well with the venue we choose, but based on my "research" over the last couple weeks I am really liking these combinations...and of course the fiance does, too [by me asking if he likes and him saying I like whatever you like, that means yes, right?].
chalkboards/gray+mint wedding/gray+ombre coffee garland/ tea

Another thing to think about is season...depending on if we get hitched in mid-September or early October that may play a role in our decision! 

What are you/did you basing your color selection off?


  1. love those color combos!! can't wait to see it all pulled together :)

  2. Love me some light colors! We got hitched in October and our color scheme was all neutrals. All my girls chose their own dresses in blush, cream or tan.

  3. LOVE those colour combos. So fresh!

  4. I love those colors!! Our colors were based partially off of the season and the in-season flowers. We thought about doing mint or navy, I was all over the place until Pinterest helped me reign in my ideas.. haha!