Monday, April 15, 2013

Coffee Table Tray

For the past few months I have been on the hunt for the *perfect* coffee table tray. Unfortunately I didn't find one that I loved, or if I did it was out of my budget. So...I did what any other lover of all things creative would do and made my own. I didn't use a whole lot of supplies in creating this tray, and luckily I had most of it on hand already which meant I only had to spend about $10!

I knew this tray was going to live on our gray coffee table, so despite my first ambition, I could not paint the entire thing gray. Instead, I incorporated the yellow color that we have in our living room, and also added some burlap to get the more rustic look. To harden the burlap and make it stick, I used modge podge [a whole lot of it].


  1. So cute! I love anything burlap...such a good idea to modge podge, that stuff works on anything!

  2. Adorable - I love the pop of color with the yellow!!